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The Full Gallery is Back!!! We are updating the new photos now. Stay tuned, thank you for your patience.


It's Official! This home is a Platinum!

Finished product- Updated 6/20/08

A look at the inside.

The handrail is on! The homeowner is installing the railing and doing a great job!

The wind generator that caused all the stir in town!

A welcoming view.

Its Spring in Onekama!


The ground is being prepared for the indigenous ground cover and more trees have been planted! Great job by the homeowners for overseeing this process!

Updated 4/04/08-John (left) and I finishing a custom walk in shower. This was completed a few monthes ago.

Custom seat and soap shelf

Custom in-lay stone border built by us.

John W. enjoying his time installing tile.

Jagger is as faithful as ever!

Custom cabinets built by the homeowner-awesome!

Custom Kitchen made by the homeowner

Custom cutting board made by the homeowner

John and John tiling.

Living Room-Updated September 7th, 2007

The living room is taking shape with drywall!

Custom built cherry front door

Raven Door Company built this custom door for us!

Drywallers are moving fast!

Our friends from Allan's Drywall are once again exceeding my expectations. They are very efficient and meticulous in their finishing!

Soy Based Foam in the garage walls

Pro Seal Insulation

Here a member of ProSeal's insulating team sprays SoyTherm50 into the upstairs 2x6 exterior walls.

Retaining wall

By the workshop.

Retaining wall

This wall comes off of the Southeast corner of the house.

Hybrid Heating System

The mechanical room is starting to take shape and give the look of a Hybrid Home!

Siding still-updated 08/10/07

Retaining wall

Custom windows are in!

Covering up the air exchanger ins and outs.

Retaining wall

Standale Lumber dropping off another load.

Well Drillers! Updated 08/03/07

Fireplace has arrived!


Here Dylan and Jagger work to side this portion of the house.

Updated 7/28/07

Here we are installing the siding. Thank you to Steve for taking this picture!

Painting Trim

Our Summer intern Dylan is shown here painting trim above the Solar Collectors. Dylan is spending the Summer learning what we do.

IPE decking

The homeowner has been working hard installing the IPE (eee-pay or eye-pay) decking.

Wind machine

Can you spot the wind machine?

Updated 7/21/07

Trim and siding

Building a 3 season porch.


Installing CertainTeed fiber cement board siding is no problem on ICFs!

Standing the wind generator.

Bauer Power

Team Hybrid member Bauer Power installs the head unit of the wind generator.

Team Hybrid- Updated 07-08-07

We introduced the next step! Team Hybrid's trailor!

BATA Hybrid Bus!

The Bay Area Transit Authority donated their Hybrid Bus to us so we could get people to the show house.

John and I in the bus

John and I wanted to check the bus out, so we did.

Another look at the bus.

This bus ran all weekend long bringing people to and from our show house.

Adam educating the public.

Here is but one of hundreds of people that stopped to talk to Adam about Team Hybrid. Can you guess what Adam was talking about with this person?

The tour

People lining up to tour the house. (Photo courtesy of T. Calkins)

The Hybrid Bus.

More people getting dropped off to tour the house. (Photo courtesy of T. Calkins)

The tour begins

People touring our show house. (Photo courtesy of T. Calkins)

Wind generator.

The wind generator was a big draw for us! (Photo courtesy of T. Calkins)

Educating the masses.

Look at the faces of the people who toured our show house! (Photo courtesy of T. Calkins)

More visitors

(Photo courtesy of T. Calkins)

Solar collectors

Here people are checking out the solar collectors. (Photo courtesy of T. Calkins)

Team Hybrid

Everyone in the Hybrid Row did a great job! We had constant traffic and the displays worked out very nicely! (Photo courtesy of the GLREA)

Updated- 06/09/07

This week, we built a deck, set almost all the windows, had most of the roof covered, finished hanging and painting the fascia, and framed interior walls for the electricians. What a week! We are on schedule for showing the house off at the Energy Fair.

Jagger on the roof

Much to my suprise, Jagger the Hybrid Dog climbed up onto the roof to make sure we were keeping busy.

Footing for the wind generator

Mark Bauer and his crew hard at work!

Re-Bar cage

The pad for the wind generator has large anchor bolts and a re-bar cage.

Bauer Power

Here a crew from Bauer Power is setting the re-bar cage in the concrete.

Team Hybrid

Three members of Team Hybrid were there that day. Bauer Power, Team Elmers for the concrete, and us.

Re-Bar cage

This cage goes into the hole that is then filled with concrete.

John putting on Fascia

Porch is complete!-Updated 6/02/07

Another look at the porch

Upper lite deck

We built overhangs to cover the curbs of the concrete deck on the second floor. It is part of our dictating where the water will go.

Roof framing in front of the lite deck.

Polished look

We have almost all of the fascia up and it is looking good.


Look at how the shadows are moving down the wall as Eric Hughes planned it. What a way to keep a house cool in the summer.

Another week of work

Next week the roofers are starting, we will also get our siding and windows, and build decks.

Overhangs- Updated 5/26/07

Eric Hughes from Image Design calculated the degree of the sun and designed the perfect size overhang for the roof. Notice the shadow line? In the winter, the sun moves into a position to where the overhangs let sunlight into the home.

A closer look

Kinda cool, huh? This is a great way to protect yourself from the sun in the summer and warm yourself with the sun in the winter.

Upper deck poured

R-Value Concrete poured the top coat on the upper deck. Jagger (the hybrid dog) walked out on it for a better view.

R-Value in action

Jim (standing) and Jake (working :) ) from R-Value Concrete are working their magic! Meet them at the Energy Fair June 22nd-24th.

Front porch framing

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love front porches. I worked on several custom front porches in the past and drank lemonade on countless others :)

Pre-staining station

We have set up a pre-stain area in the basement workshop to pre finish all the fascia and trim.

John and Adam hard at work

I have a framing background, so I get in the action every chance I get! John is my cut guy or 'belayer' as I call it when we are working high up in the air. We must have fun at work, it is in the employee handbook!

Drain for the upper deck

Here is the drain pipe for the upper floor deck.

Building the front porch

Ledger board for porch trusses


Bill is hard at work framing the roof in.

Jeff and Larry from Jeff Sparks Builders

I worked with Jeff (on the ground) and Larry alot in the 'old days' framing. Jeff started his own business and dropped everything to come up and help us frame in the roof system. Jeff, Larry, Bill, and Ben worked from dawn to dark and got an incredible amount of work done this past week!

The trusses are here!-Updated 5/20/07

Ready for the trusses

This upper floor wall is built with a 1" foam thermal barrior over house wrap and sheathing.

Basement floor

Week after week we battled the rain, but we finally got the basement floor poured!

Staining the front porch

Jake from R-Value Concrete Structures stains the front porch concrete.

Stairs built

We got the stairs built this week also. This picture may be stretched out a bit.

House wrap

Because this is a show house, we wanted to be able to educate people in a number of ways. We put the house wrap on the garage and 1" foam over that to set an example to other builders. House wrap is fine, but putting foam on the exterior of a studded and sheathed wall is a great way to help stop wasting energy in homes.

Monday Monday

We started on the garage walls and got them put up.

Updated- 5/06/07

Look how far we got in a week!!

John and Steve

Here are two proud workers. This house is moving right along and they are a part of it!

Garbage to this point.

I asked the guys to load my truck up with the garbage to run to the dump, and I am not kidding you, I am serious..this is the only trash going into the landfill after 4 weeks of work!!! wow. This is not a staged photo!

Recycling Efforts


We have used a number of products on this home. You will be able to see different window buck systems on the same house!

Starting the second floor

Lite-Deck and center wall

Recycling works!

Me and Jagger

End of the day....

Updated- 4/29/07

It's coming together

The first floor walls are nearly complete.

In floor heat

We ran the tubing for the infloor heat for the basement.

2" of foam.

We laid 2" thick sheets of 'foam' to lay under the basement floor.

Vapor barrier

We laid the vapor barrier before the foam

Homeowner working with us.

The homeowner has worked along side our crews most of the time. He is a hard worker!

Water proofing

Updated 4/12- Lite Deck Installation

This product is amazing! The Garage Floor will be a pour in place product called Lite-Deck. This will also be the ceiling of the workshop below the garage.

Lite-Deck Support

This is the workshop area under the garage. The poles are to support the concrete until it sets up.

Snowy day.

Despite three days of 50 mph winds and blizzard warnings, we pressed on and got ahead of schedule.

Moving up in the world.

The guys worked hard in the blustery conditions to get the ICF walls set.


The sun did pop out.....once.

Minimal Scrap

LEED-H requires minimal scrap. We are serious when we say that this is all we had after completing close to 1/2 of the basement walls!!!

Pouring footings

Our crews install footings also, this makes the process more efficient. A 'great job' goes out to our crew members for working dawn to dusk in blizzard warnings to keep on schedule.

R-Value Homes

The newest member of the Hybrid Team is R-Value Homes who handle our concrete work and provide us with more power for installing ICFs. We brought them aboard to help us keep on track. Jake, Kyle, and Jim, welcome aboard!

It has begun! 4/2

We have broke ground on the Onekama Hybrid Home!