Watercress Project


This lakefront Hybrid Cottage will combine several building technologies into one Hybrid Hideout! This home will have an ICF basement, SIP walls, and SIP roof panels., among many other things! This is another high scoring LEED for Home project and one you will not want to miss!

Updated 2/25/09 Fireplace is in!

Kids in the play loft!

Big John under cutting trim for wood flooring

Adam and John getting floor started

John W. rockin' out on the job

Dave sanding

Jimmie taking a break

What a view from the office!

John cutting the base of the cedar tree

Sizing up the tree to make the critical cut

Making sure of the measurements up top

Sanding the roots for a better look.

Adam cutting the notch out of the tree. We have only one chance and one tree to get it right!

Jacking up the loft to insert tree

Removing jack

Adam giving his seal of approval.

Updated 12-22-08

Landscaping is in!

Herring bone pattern tile.

Wall of windows!

Play loft window

Custom paint job. The rail is made of cherry harvested locally.


One of many built ins

Updated 10/26/08 Drywalling.

Agri-Balance Spray Foam for the rim joists.

Updated 10/03/08 Picking up our wood from the lumber mill

As you may recall, we are using lumber from a cherry tree and a maple tree that came from the building site.

Maple Mantel

Funky grain! This will make a great mantel!

Watercress is ready for stage 2!

Stone chimney

A view from the road.

Updated 9-12-08 Metal roof is going on, so is the stone on the chimney!

A view from the side of the garage.

Update 9/04/08

This picture was taken from the road side of the cottage

Lakeside of cottage

Lake side glass

updated 8/27/08

Updated 08/09/08-Logs and cedar shake!

Removing cedar trees. We are using these trees in the house!

We need to get these cedar trees to the kiln to get them dried.

We pulled the trees out with the roots so we could have a big flare at the bottom of the log.

We are also bringing cherry and maple to the sawmill to use in the house.

A load of logs. The maple will be made into a mantle and the cherry will become a table!

Following our dump truck full of logs.

Dropping the logs off at the sawmill/kiln.

The next time you see this cherry log, it will be in the form of a table.

SIP Details.

Porter Corp. who is the Team Hybrid SIP manufacturer has allowed us to show you the work they can do. This model is very important, as it shows the installers how everything looks.

SIP Model

Porter Corp. actually loads our projects into a 3D program that allows us to see any point in the house at any angle. This takes the guess work out of SIP installation. This picture is 2D, but it is actually a screen shot of a 3D program.

SIP Model

I sit down with our installers and framers with the pictures I have listed here from Porter Corp. I can show them what we need to have happen. For those trying SIPs for the first time, these pictures could mean the difference between being successful and not.

Thank you Porter Corp.

Team Hybrid Member Porter Corp. used The Watercress Project as their test model for all of their new SIP equipment and software. Once the viewer software is available, you can view this and every SIP model we build on this website. A big thank you to Porter Corp. for releasing these images. I hope that these images will give you the confidance you need to do something different!

Updated 7/18/08

Wow, we have started siding already!!

Wrap around deck

The view from the lake.

Real cedar log trim!

Deck looking at the lake.

It looks like a cottage now!-Updated 7/03/08

A room with a view!

Chimney is being built.


Team Hybrid Leader-Jeff Sparks-Builder

SIPs are going up!- Updated 6/20/08

Working on setting the SIPs.-Photo Credit-Jeff Sparks

Photo Credit-Jeff Sparks

SIPs come numbers so we know where they go.-Photo courtesy of Jeff Sparks

Photo Credit-Jeff Sparks

Photo Credit-Jeff Sparks

Using the Sky Track to lift a bunk of SIPs. Photo Credit-Jeff Sparks

The cottage is coming together.

This is an amazing view. The creeks look like they come out of the house!

SIPs and ICFs all in one place!

The roof SIPS ready to be set.

Updated 6/07/08

The Watercress Project has begun and is moving forward!

Kyle from Team Hybrid Member R-Value Concrete Structures works with me to install the waterproofing.


This boardwalk has lasted through a generation and is strong enough to carry another!

We used Logix ICF on this project.

The foundation is in!

A view from the beach.

Stacking the wall!

Updated 5/23/08

It has begun. The following pictures show you around the Watercress Project and the pouring of the footings.

This is a Logix Job.

There are many ICFs out there and Logix is a top brand. This project has a basement of ICFs and SIPs for mainfloor walls and the roof. It is a perfect project for Logix!

Jagger inspects!

The footings for the cottage.

This is a view of the footings for the cottage.

Pouring the footings.

A view from the beach.

Concrete going into the pump truck.

A walk way over merging creeks!

Extra wide footings.

Soil boring tests revealed that we needed a wider than normal footing. It is very important when building near water that you know well in advance what type of soil you have to work with!

My attempt at photography.

Concrete pump truck

It was necessary to use a concrete pump truck because of the site conditions. The pump truck always draws a crowd. Several cars stopped and people stood on the hill to see what was going on.

Team Elmers back again!

A look down the driveway.

The beach.

The Watercress Project is right on this lake which has a deep water channel to Lake Michigan! The homeowners will be able to fish salmon, take a sunset cruise in their boat, or just look for shells!

ICFs have arrived!

The Watercress Project-Updated 5/10/08

This is another project that combines the talents of Eric Hughes from Image Design and Adam Bearup from Hybrid Homes. Together with the dynamic homeowners, we will push this project to the upper levels of the LEED for Homes rating system while having a blast doing it!

A look from across the lake.

This project will be in a very high traffic area. People will get to see the future as they visit this quaint little resort town!

Snowing day and the vision.

We met at the site a few months ago, and we instantly fell in love with the surroundings and the idea the homeowners had.